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Looking for solution in Askia scripting? Davilio is the ideal answer for your questions.

Simple, cost-effective solutions

A better survey experience, better data quality.

  • Ability to define the most complex of surveys as engaging, insightful and effective questionnaires
  • Providing your surveys on any device for any browser in any language and character set
  • We can send you a copy of the application so you can also review fieldwork progress
  • We give you all the tools you need to quickly and effectively generate insights from your data
  • We support complex analyses using an app that is fully integrated with other survey software apps and open to other industry formats (XLS, SSS, SPSS)
  • We align data from multiple surveys simply and easily in order to perform analyses across multiple survey waves

A software option that fits your needs

Advanced Survey Solutions
A team of highly skilled programmers with unparalleled turnaround time - we deliver no matter of the time zone a client is situated in.
Unparalleled Data Quality
Our highly qualified team employs a huge bandwidth to handle the online survey programming that will guarantee data quality.

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